Iona War Memorial

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Iona’s War Memorial is situated overlooking Martyr’s Bay - immediately south of the village on Iona. It was unveiled on the 7th of July 1921 after many years of local fundraising.

The side of the memorial facing west is dedicated to men lost in the Great War of 1914-1918 whilst the sides facing north and south are engraved with the names of those killed in the 2nd World War of 1939-1945.
West-facing side (1914-1918)
Hugh MacDonald, Capt. S.S. Garmoyle, Aged 39 Years.
(SS Garmoyle was a British steamer of 1229 tons owned, at the time of her loss, by Clyde Shipping Co. Ltd. On July 10th, 1917, Garmoyle, on a voyage from Cork to Glasgow with general cargo, was sunk by a mine from the German submarine U-57 (Carl-Siegfried Ritter von Georg), 14 miles southeast of Mine Head. 20 persons were lost.)
John MacFarlane, Carpr. S.S. Vine Branch, Aged 35 Years.
Neil MacFarlane, Seaman H.M.S. Victory, Aged 29 Years.
Duncan A. Campbell, Seaman S.S. Dartmoor, Aged 43 Years.
Hector MacLean Lee, Lieut. A. & S. Hdrs, Aged 23 Years.
Dugald Black, Cpl. Seaforth Hdrs, Aged 23 Years.
John MacDonald, L. Cpl. H.L.I., Aged 24 Years.
Lachlan MacDonald, Pte. H.L.I., Aged 18 Years.
Alfd. MacArthur Williams, Pte. E. Surrey Regt., Aged 19 Years.
William Black, Pte. Seaforth Hdrs. Canada, Aged 21 Years.
Angus MacPhail MacKechnie, Signlr. H.L.I., Aged 20 Years.

Erected in Honour and Memory of those Sons and Grandsons of Iona who laid down their lives for their God and Country in the Great War 1914-1918.
“An ainm bidh buan gu suthain sior”
“Their names will last for ever and ever”
North-facing side (1939-1945)
F.O. Colin C. MacColl, R.A.F. V.R., Aged 23 Years.
F.O. John W. Patterson D.F.C., R.A.F. V.R., Aged 24 Years.
A.B. Neil J. Black, Geraldine Mary, Aged 27 Years.
L/Stkr. George Dougall R.N., H.M.S. Glorious, Aged 29 Years.
C/Offr. Neil A. MacLachlan, S.S. Empire City, Aged 31 Years.
2nd Lt. John MacInnes, 2nd Batt. A. & S. H., Aged 31 Years.
2nd Offr. Donald A. Black, S.S. Rio Blanco, Aged 33 Years.
Boatswain John MacGregor, S.S. Ben Lomond, Aged 50 Years.
Pte. Gregor MacDonald, 19th Wellington R. Batt. N.Z.E.F., Aged 28 Years.

South-facing side (1939-1945)
Cpl. Robert Campbell, Cameronians, Aged 24 Years.
Bimbashi Colin MacDonald, Frontier Batt. Sudan Dfc. Fcs., Aged 29 Years.
A.B. John N. MacFarlane, S.T. Flying Kite, Aged 30 Years.
Lt. Donald C. MacDonald, R.N.V.R., Aged 29 Years.
Capt. Donald MacDonald, S.S. Blair Esk, Aged 42 Years.
C/Skipper Dugald MacArthur R.N.R., H.M.S. James Lidford, Aged 42 Years.
Engr. Anthony C. McAllister, S.S. Loch Maddy, Aged 48 Years.
The exhibition consists of panels, photographs, objects of interest, together with information about some notable island families and events.
The shop stocks a good selection of reasonably priced cards, gifts and books - many particularly relevant to Iona.
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